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Our Services

Advice and expertise prior to taking legal action

  • Legal validation of the proposed deposit, on the basis of the criteria of protection, 
  • Prior art searches and research regarding availability among brands, designs, company names, trade names and / or domain names, 
  • Definition of the strategy and the scope of protection according to the goals of the client.


Trademarks & Design prosecution (protection and maintenance)

  • Procedures for filing with national and international offices, 
  • Monitoring of the examination procedure (objections, comments, etc.), 
  • Registration formalities (hardware error correction, changes affecting the title holder, transfer of ownership, licences, safety etc.), 
  • Entering industrial property titles in our database, time management and administrative deadlines, 
  • Formalities for renewal. 


Legal monitoring, watching

  • Implementation of monitoring and watching both in France and abroad (including trademarks, domain names, company names, Internet usage), 
  • Constitution of files of requests for intervention in customs procedures and cooperation with customs authorities in the fight against counterfeiting.



  • Analysis of the rights involved and assessment of the chances of success and / or risk, 
  • Cease and desist letter, 
  • Administrative proceedings before the offices (opposition, invalidity application, application for revocation etc.), 
  • Judicial proceedings before the courts (infringement, unfair competition (applications to seize counterfeit items, assignments, arguments etc.), shares in provisional prohibition, annulment, claiming ownership, revocation for non-use and degeneration. 


Audit Portfolio

  • Analysis and synthesis of portfolios, 
  • Evaluation, valuation and development, 
  • Advice and expertise regarding the protection strategy, strengthening and consolidation of intellectual property rights both in France and abroad. 


Negotiations, contracts

  • Operating licences, 
  • Contracts for the assignment of intellectual property rights, 
  • Declarations of priority, letters of commitment, 
  • Coexistence or partnership agreements.