Valérie Perrichon Avocats - Valérie Perrichon

Valérie Perrichon

Founding Partner

Valérie Perrichon has a training in private law and judicial careers (University Paris II Assas), and holds the graduate diploma (DESS) "Agreements and Intellectual Property" (Robert Schuman Strasbourg CEIPI-University). 
Valerie is a member of the Paris Bar.
Valérie Perrichon began her career over thirty years ago when she joined a highly respected firm specialising in the field of intellectual property. 
She joined the Paris office of Bardehle Pagenberg as head of trademarks, brands and models in 1999, becoming a partner in 2008. 
She decided in 2014 to set up her own, independent law firm, carefully selecting her team so that she could work in close collaboration with her most trusted and professionally respected colleagues. 

Valérie Perrichon Avocats - Sophie Texier-Neyrat

Sophie Texier-Neyrat

Lawyer collaborator

Sophie Texier-Neyrat has a training in private law and judicial career and holds a specialized graduate diploma (DESS) degree in Industrial Property (Marne La Vallée University).
Sophie Texier-Neyrat began her career in business before joining a firm specialising in industrial property. 
She has worked closely with Valérie Perrichon since 2002, on a wide range of issues and for a variety of clients. 

Sophie is a member of this associations : 

  • APRAM – Practitioners Association of Trademark Law and Models

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Valérie Perrichon Avocats - Julie Bianconi

Julie Bianconi

Paralegal Assistant

Julie Bianconi practices in the field of industrial property since 2006. 
She holds a certificate marks assistant (CAM) issued by the INPI.
Julie Bianconi is a practicing paralegal assistant who has worked alongside Valérie Perrichon since 2010. 
She assists and supports the whole team in the management of portfolios of brands, designs, domain names and administrative and judicial proceedings. 

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